Apollo is unique compared to other personality tests because it compares your candidates with those rated as excellent in various work roles such as sales, call centre staff & executive management etc.

Apollo in Recruitment & Selection

A well-validated and yet economically priced online personality test supported by registered psychologists in Asia.

Research consistently demonstrates that interview techniques alone, even when well structured and performed, only have 50-60% or lower chance of selecting the best person for a job, or choosing a person who subsequently executes all aspects of a job to the standards sought.

The cost of a poor appointment not only includes job under-performance, but also the unsettling influence this can have on other staff, and the difficulty in perhaps ultimately terminating that person's services. Time and money spent training and managing a poor choice is wasteful, especially if it could have been avoided for low cost!

On the other hand, a good choice contributes to productivity and profitability, helps the organisation to grow, and frequently has a positive effect on morale. A good choice also strengthens an organisation's "strategic capability" by providing a pool of well skilled and committed people from which future managers can be chosen.

The use of appropriate preferences and values assessments lets the selectors see dimensions of a person's style and drive, which are easily overlooked or even disguised at interview. Such assessments can provide data and guides and standards for criteria regarding personal attributes, which can be very difficult to assess using other means.

For example, when looking at graduate recruitment, a candidate could well have exceptional academic qualifications, but may not necessarily possess the drives for career success in your organisation. The Apollo Profile can emphasise such aspects, and suggest areas to explore further in interviews.

Certainly, there are circumstances where The Apollo Profile can reveal factors that strongly indicate that candidates may not be suitable for a certain position, and it would be in their best interest as well as that of the organisation not to proceed.

Use of The Apollo Profile will diagnose areas of direct relevance to the duties required, and provide data for discussion with the candidate, as well as possible pointers for follow through with reference checks.

Trained users of The Apollo Profile can also help dimension the personal attributes desired when drawing up the specifications for the position. Candidates can be assessed against the qualities sought and standards desired, although of course compromises are sometimes necessary in real life. Subsequently, training programs can skill staff members as necessary to deal with these.

Procedural use of objective techniques such as job analysis, structured interviews, and impartial assessment with the Apollo Profile also helps establish legal defensibility supporting non-discrimination.

Apollo Profile Exception Report

Exception Report

Apollo's exception report is based on a comparison of the test candidate with others in their group (i.e., sales, executives, general workforce). Apollo compares the candidate's profile with those rated as excellent in these areas and highlights exceptions in an easy to understand way.

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Apollo Profile Job Profiler

Job Profiler Report

Test your candidates and then compare all of them against excellence in the role under consideration. SImple to set up and understand. Simply click on any candidate's name to go through to a summary report on that candidate.

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Apollo Profile Narrative Report

Narrative Report

The Narrative Report uses colour coding to show at a glance how the test candidate's personality compares to others rated as excellent in their group. In addition, explanatory text written by a psychometrician and management consultant is provided to ensure understanding.

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Apollo Profile Candidate Feedback Report

Candidate Feedback Report

Show your interest in people development by providing this report to successful or unsuccessful hires - there's no additional cost as with Apollo, you simply pay once per candidate. This report explains the candidate's personality profile and offers advice for possible development.

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Apollo Profle Development Report

Development Report

This is a longer version of the Candidate Feedback Report above. Additional background data and analysis is provided. Again, this can be given to both successful and unsuccessful applicants for jobs or used more systematically as part of a full training needs and organisational development program.

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Apollo Profile Summary Report

Summary Report

The summary personality report provides a comparison of your candidate with those rated as excellent in the comparison group you have chosen. A brief interpretation of each of the scales is also provided for your candidate.

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Apollo Profile Areas of Concern Report

Areas of Concern Report

This is similar to the Exception Report, but adds detail. Rather than using only the simple colour coding found in the Exception Report, the Areas of Concern report shows where the candidate scored compared to excellence in the group and breaks the report into essential, desirable characteristics for the area under consideration.

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Apollo Benchmarking Report

Apollo Benchmarking

The benchmarking report shows each of the 34 Apollo Personality Test scale scores for your candidate against the comparison group. As a consultancy service, we can assist organisations with their own full scale benchmarking studies which generate comparison groups for future recruitment/selection and development projects.

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Apollo Personality reports can be read directly from the website, downloaded in pdf for easy viewing or downloaded as a word (doc) file to enable fast editing as required.